Jón Daði Böðvarsson — Scout Report

Adam Bissett
2 min readDec 21, 2020

vs Nottingham Forest (19/12/2020)

Player: Jón Daði Böðvarsson, DOB: 25/05/1992, Right footed, Striker

Match: Nottingham Forest (home), 19/12/2020

Data (This season in the Championship): 683 mins played

Offensive: p90 mins

  • 1.6 shots
  • 1.1 total dribbles
  • 43% aerial duel win rate
  • 0.19 xG

Low volume shot taker from less threatening positions. Decent aerially.

Passing: p90 mins

  • 23.1 total passes
  • 0.5 key passes
  • 0.07 xA

Involved in build up frequently, but doesn’t create many chances.


  • Good first touch generally, can be inconsistent
  • Brings the ball down well with chest and foot, keeping it close to his body
  • Awareness is good and when possible will look to take his first touch into the space available
  • Fairly good dribbler — takes small touches when in tight areas but will take large touches when space is in front of him (Did this well for his assist!)
  • Sometimes lacks composure after taking the ball down and misplaces the next pass.
  • Weight of passes generally good
  • Good aerially, winning the majority of duels. Controls his headers nicely and finds teammates well


  • Played in a front 2 — he was the last man, playing on the shoulder and was the main target for direct balls.
  • Linked up well with strike partner (Bradshaw) and had a fairly good understanding of where his partner was
  • Stayed central for majority of the game, occasionally running into the channels
  • Pressed well off the ball with intensity working with Bradshaw well in a front two.
  • When the ball was in the wide areas, he would often make a run to the near post. Sometimes him and Bradshaw made the same run
  • Moved to LM/LW for 10 minutes before being substituted in the 84th minute.


  • Tall (6'2) with an athletic, well built frame.
  • Fairly quick, taking quite big strides
  • Leaps well and jumps high, winning majority of aerial duels
  • Physically quite strong, holds ball up well
  • Gets body in between ball and man often — effective
  • Good work rate off the ball


Overall, Bodvarsson had a good game, providing the assist for Millwall’s only goal. He grew into the game more, linking up well with teammates and challenging well aerially as Millwall played quite direct. Didn’t manage to get a shot off, although he didn’t get much service. Played well alongside his strike partner, finding him on numerous occasions.

Overall rating: 7/10

By Millwall Analytics